UCB Boston Research and Development Hub

Massachusetts is a great place to live and work with its ‘beach to mountain’ landscapes, rich historical sites, storied sports teams, and the Boston Marathon. Massachusetts is a world-leading life science cluster and is the home to our growing UCB Boston Research and Development (R&D) hub. We have more than 125 UCB employees across our facilities in Bedford and Cambridge, in addition to our field-based employees across the state.


UCB Office

We are pleased to be in the biotech cluster of Massachusetts


Patient Inspired Science

Our research impact is growing with our new focus on next-generation therapies


Innovating for Tomorrow

We’re working to further scientific understanding and uncover new discoveries

We’re growing! Interested in jobs at our UCB Boston R&D hub?

What We Do

Our Massachusetts sites are helping to drive the scientific discovery of our medicines at UCB.

Research & Development RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT

UCB in Boston

Our researchers are hard at work in the lab and office facilities spanning around 94,000 square feet in Bedford and Cambridge.

Our scientists are working on new platforms and projects we aim that one day will lead to cures. Building on UCB’s existing global capabilities, our team is focused on developing capabilities in areas including targeted protein degradation, protein biochemistry, and structural biology and leveraging a proprietary peptide chemistry platform as ways to discover new medicines for treating patient populations with severe neurodegenerative and immunological diseases, including those that are rare. More info on UCB in rare disease.

UCB’s External Innovation and Ventures teams also have a presence in Cambridge to ensure we are keeping connected with latest opportunities and exploring new areas for partnership, collaboration, and investment. UCB Ventures is actively investing in emerging biotech, as early as Seed and Series A stage, out of its ~178 million USD (EUR 150 million) evergreen fund.



We believe ground-breaking research best flourishes in innovative ecosystems. This is why UCB’s presence in Boston is critical for our work to further scientific understanding and uncover new discoveries. We're exploring novel areas of research, testing hypotheses on what drives disease progression and can modify disease, and researching new ways to better connect science to the needs of patients.

Working at UCB in Boston – The Facts

UCB’s Boston R&D Hub is a great place to work. Here are a few things that set us apart:

Culture In our facilities, the culture feels like a start-up biotech. Colleagues are known and well connected with each other and leadership. Our research is cutting-edge and has the potential to meaningfully impact patient lives. Our research happening Boston is locally integrated and globally enabled in a company with 90-years of expertise.
Lab equipment

In Bedford, we name most of our lab equipment based on Transformers™, Star Wars™, Game of Thrones™, and the Big Lebowski™.

Party The Party Planning Committee organizes events including a bi-monthly birthday bash, potluck, holiday celebrations, and baby showers. The Social Committee also plans monthly events, such as paint nights, yoga sessions, trivia night, and family picnics.
Revolutionary War UCB’s location in Bedford is just a few miles from the Minuteman National Historic Park. This is the famous location of the “shot heard ‘round the world” that started the American Revolutionary War. The Minuteman Bikeway runs very close to the Bedford and Cambridge facilities that some employees use for commuting and exercising.


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Impact on Massachusetts’s Economy

Community Engagement


We believe our ability to innovate and create value for patients now and in the future will increasingly depend on our positive contributions to environmental sustainability. Check out UCB’s commitment and actions to minimizing our environmental footprint. In addition, here are a few ways our Boston sites advance our green strategy:

  • Timers are installed in lab instruments (e.g., heating blocks) to reduce energy waste.
  • Bulk ordering of consumables is combined with other labs to reduce delivery trips and CO2 emissions.
  • We’ve switched from single-use plastic collection tubes to washable, reusable collection blocks, which reduces our waste production from these instruments by nearly half.
  • Pipette tips are collected and recycled, and compostable gloves are used.

Each year we have a toy drive for local children during the holidays through the Bedford Fire Department. We also frequently volunteer at More than Words Bookstore.