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An exciting working environment where innovation can flourish

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Patient Inspired Science

Our research impact is growing with our new focus on next-generation therapies

Bainbridge Island

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We are located on Bainbridge Island outside Seattle

What We Do

UCB’s Bainbridge office focuses on discovering new medicines by developing capabilities in areas including targeted protein degradation, protein biochemistry, structural biology, and molecular biology.

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UCB in Bainbridge

Our office is located in Bainbridge Island, Washington. In total, there are five labs —comprising more than 13,000 square feet combined.


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Working at UCB in Bainbridge – The Facts

UCB Bainbridge offers an exciting working environment where innovation can flourish and our employees can thrive. A few fun facts about us include:

Ferry The quickest way to get to our Bainbridge office from Seattle is on the ferry and most employees cross a body of water on their commute.
Lab equipment The Bainbridge lab names most of their lab equipment. For instance, freezers are named after cold rappers: Vanilla Ice, Coolio, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, and Kool Keith.
Rain Bainbridge is known for frequent rain. On a rainy day, you can hear a frog in the ceiling pipes.

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We believe our ability to innovate and create value for patients now and in the future will increasingly depend on our positive contributions to environmental sustainability. Here are a few ways our Bainbridge site advances our green strategy:

  • Our labs have switched from single-use plastic collection tubes to washable, reusable collection blocks, which reduces our waste production from these instruments by nearly half.
  • Pipette tips are collected and recycled, and compostable gloves are used.